Pastor Michael A. Dixon and First Lady Phoebe Dixon

Our Testimonies:

My wife and I came from a lifetime of drug and alcohol abuse, a combined total of 51 years. I was addicted to crack cocaine in the streets of Atlanta, Georgia beginning in the early eighties. After many years of my mother and grandmother trying to steer me in the right direction, I suddenly found myself alone. I lost my mother to cancer and soon after my grandmother, I never knew my father. And even though I had more than enough growing up I was exposed to a fast life of gambling , drugs, and drinking at a early age. It became my way of life too. After losing the only family I had ever known, I  began to use more and more. I just wanted to die.  I began a  suicide mission. Who would miss me? Just one less crackhead on the streets.

My wife grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio but moved to Boston ,Mass in 1989. She can remember drinking as early as 9 years old. Sneaking sips from her father's beer can as he lay passed out in his favorite chair. Although she grew up with her mother and father and four other siblings her life was anything but functional. Her mother suffered from spells of depression and bi- polar disease. Which was not widely acknowledged or even diagnosed back then. As a result her mother was very abusive, physically and emotionally. Of course the first opportunity  to leave home she jumped at it. She attended Tennessee State University for a while but due to financially problems, she couldn't continue. So she found herself floating from one job to the next. A "functional alcoholic" she wondered if this was all there is to life. She moved to Georgia in 2005 to start fresh for her and her three children, with no support,  and not being able to find work, the drinking became heavier and she started using cocaine. It didn't take long to hit rock bottom .She lost her children to the state because she couldn't provide a stable home. Depression set in, suicidal thoughts, heavier substance abuse.

But Thank God, he had different plans for me and my wife. Through one of those miracle  flyers we both found out just how valuable our lives were. Maybe not to man, but to Our Creator, Our Lord Jesus Christ. I came into Atlanta Restoration in 2005.  My wife in 2006. If it wasn't for this particular type of ministry we would not be here. God has restored our family and given us new lives. Now we are dedicated to help others that are trapped and overwhelmed by hopelessness. Abusing drugs and alcohol are just symptoms of a hurting soul. Jesus does love you, let him. He has never left you, that's why you have survived when others have not. Jesus is just waiting for you to come to him. You are under his great Grace and Mercy,now come back to his great Love! God Bless You.